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SOUL.Penn R-nine. 5’10”

5’10” X 18’½” X 2’¼”                      Vol     25.7

Intermediate/advanced to expert level.

The R-NINE features a low entry rocker that leads into a flatter, which offers plenty of drive off the rail line between your feet. Combined with a late flip in the last 6″ of the tail which offers nice release when in those tighter sections, a concept extensively developed with the team where they wanted more drive out of there RPM model.

The R-nine maintains a slightly fuller outline, which is becoming the norm in MP’s performance short board range and a rounder rounded squaretail for an overall smoothness.

Think RPM with lots more drive!

Shaper Matt Penn |

New costs 495.00 €

For sale 250.00 €

Wetsuit Xcel infinity X Zip 3.2 T 8 = 169 €

Xcel Short Sleeve T 10 = 135 €

Xcel Shorty Women T 8 = 34 €

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