Only a few years ago, Nicaragua was relatively unknown to most surfers.  But with all the recent media attention focusing on Nicaragua’s lack of crowds,  300+ days per year of offshore winds and consistent southern swells, the country is quickly becoming the go to surfing destination for traveling surfers.

Nicaragua has lots of good waves, but not the world class waves like the ones you’ll find in the neighboring countries of El Salvador and Costa Rica, but that doesn’t seem matter to most visitor.  And that’s because Nicaragua has something that many surfers are looking for when on a surf trip, lots of uncrowded waves and good conditions all day.

Although there is not any surf in San Juan Del Sur, it has become the epicenter for travel in Southern Nicaragua.  Its the place to stay if you want a little night life and its a good jump off point for boat trips.  Playa Maderas and Playa Yankee are great beach breaks nearby.  Further north is Playa Gigante and Manzanillo, a left point with boat access only.

Beyond that, here is a series of large private real estate developments located on some of the best surf in Nicaragua, making it difficult for anyone to get to unless they are staying on the property or have boated in.  Hacianda Iguana has Playa Colorado, one of the best breaks in the country, directly in front of its golf course development.  Rancho Santana is the adjacent development to borders Hacienda Iguana and shares access to the surf spot Panga Drops.  Rancho Santana is also home to Playa Rosada and Playa Santana surf breaks.

Just a bit north of Playa Santana is Popoyo.  Popoyo is a reef break that gets really good.  There is an outer reef in Popoyo that is an incredible  place to tow-in to sick barrels when the surf gets big.  A little bit north of Popoyo are the Guasacate and Astellero beach breaks that both get really good.

There is a ton of good surf spots along the coast all the way up to the Chinandega Province.  In Chinandega, there are dozens of good surf spots.  One of them is a really good left point that breaks off an island that sits just off shore.  The spot is aptly named “La Isla”.  There is also a really hollow jetty break at Aposentillo.

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