The Canary Islands is a favorite destination of European travelers and especially kiteboarders and windsurfers due to the constant and strong west winds that blow off the African continent.

The Canary Islands have many quality waves. The volcanic lava reefs of the Canaries have similar in size and power to waves in the Hawaiian Islands. Be careful when getting in and out of the water it can be difficult at many surf spots.

Also, be aware that the locals can be quite aggressive towards tourists, at certain spots, especially those that don’t mind their manners in the water. Usually, its for good reason, so remember to behave yourself.


There several great waves on the north shore of Fuerteventura. Harbor Walls (El Muele) is a long, fast, hollow left that wraps around the reef just outside the Corralejo harbor.

Los Lobos is a reeling right breaking over a lava point on the southwestern corner of the small volcanic island of the same name. Isla Los Lobos can be seen from the northeastern corner of the island of Fuerteventura, as it sits only a few .

Punta del Tigre on the southwestern corner of the island is an incredible right hand point.



Lanzarote has the most world class waves on any of the islands in the Archipelago Las Canarias.

Quemado, is a fast heavy left reef break that is located directly in front of the town of La Santa. The town of La Santa is home to several other high quality waves like, La Santa, a heavy left reef of the same name as the town and Morro Negro, a reeling right point that breaks along the west side of La Isleta. On the other side of La Isleta is La Boca de Abajo, a fast hollow left point break.

La Graciosa has several world class waves, as well and can only be accessed through the ferry from Lanzarote.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has really good surf on the north shore and El Picacho is a stand out A-frame peak that breaks over shallow reef and offers great tubes in both directions. El Roque is a decent left just west of El Picacho.

El Loret is a good wave to check on the north shore when the swell drops. La Barra is part of the same stretch of reef as El Loret, in front of Playa Canteras.

Confital is an epic right barrel just north of Puerto de la Luz, but beware the locals.

On the south shore you can find some good waves at Mosca Point, which is a nice left though usually onshore winds make it a better windsurfing spot.


On the north shore of Tenerife, there some good waves around Punta del Hidalgo. La Piscina is a left point that breaks directly in front of the public pools in Bajamar. Just north towards Punta del Hidalgo is a good right point break, called El Charo.

Tenerife has a few good waves at Playa de Las Americas, that only work on a south swell. La Derecha, La Izquierda, El Conquistador are a few of the better waves you in the area.

Igueste de San Andres is a world class left point break on the north east side of the Tenerife Island that needs swell to work, but is worth checking when its on.

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