Portugal is the best country in Europe to look for waves.  Due to its location and the shape of its rugged coastline, Portugal is blessed with consistent swells, world class waves and lots of uncrowded surf to explore.  The waves in Portugal tend to pump from September – April, but you can generally find decent surf pretty much anytime.

Portugal is quickly becoming a popular surfing destination for European surfers due to the high quality of waves.  The best areas to go, in order to score waves are Peniche and Ericera, but by no means the only places with good waves in Portugal.


Peniche is the surfing area that is getting most of the focus in Portugal, especially since the 2009 ASP World Tour decided to move its professional contest site here, instead of Mundaka, exposing the surfing world to the incredible waves at Supertubos, located on the beach just south of Peniche harbor.

There are lots of good waves in Peniche besides Supertubos.  The coast in Peniche has a tremendous variation in bathymetry, combined with a wide open swell window, making it a great place to find good surf.

Praia do Baleal is another beach break in Peniche that can get good, located in a small bay on the north side of the harbor.

Mohle Leste is a right that breaks at the harbor jetty that is protected from the north winds and is the best spot in the area when everywhere else is blown out.  Down the beach from Supertubos is a right point at Consolação that can get hollow.  South of Consolação are a miles of reefs worth exploring.


Ericera is another popular surfing location in Portugal that has some good beach break waves, epic right points and hollow reef breaks surrounding the town.   The best wave in the area is world class right point break called Coxos, located south of the the town of Ribamar.  Just south of Coxos is Ribeira d´Ilhas, another right point break.

Across the bay from Ribeira d´Ilhas is an incredible hollow left reef break.  Foz do Lizandro is a rivermouth that has consistent sandbars and good beach break peaks.  South of Ericera there are loads of uncrowded beaches that are a great place to find waves to yourself.

The entire coast of Portugal has good waves for surfing.  Some other areas to check out, besides Peniche and Ericera, include the area near Porto, Lisbon and Algarve.

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