The Maldives Archipelago is a vast network of atolls and small islets stretching over two thousand miles, from north to south in the Indian Ocean starting just south of India.  Many of the atoll is in the Maldives have incredible waves breaking along their reef passes that are perfect for surfing.

The Maldives have a monsoonal season similar to Indonesia and the best time to find good surf is usually from April – October.

Most surfing tours operations are centered around the Male and the northern atolls that surround it.  There are eight main surf breaks that are within sailing distance of Male and they take to bulk of surf travelers heading to the region.

These spots include some world class waves, like Pasta Point, the most consistent left in the Maldives and a great place to get some good barrels.  Chickens is another tubing left that when on can produce some incredibly long tube rides.  Another good left is Lohi’s, but you’ll need to stay at the islands resort to get access to the break.  Honky’s is a wrapping left that refracts almost 90 degrees around the reef.

The Maldives don’t only have good lefts, there are some incredible rights to surf on the islands.  Sultan’s is one of the best along with Jailbreaks and Cokes, which is a heavy barrel that is for experts only.  Ninjas is a bit more mellow than the other rights in the area, but it also has more sections to the waves, which spreads out the crowds.

There are many other islands with surf in other areas of the Maldives, however they are quite remote and difficult to get to.  That being said, they are also devoid of the crowds that can be ridiculous in the northern atolls.

Besides surfing, the Maldives is one of the premier diving locations on the planet, due to the abundance of marine life living on the reefs that ring the islands.

Please Note: Tourism in the Maldives if strictly regulated and you will be sent home if you show up, at the airport in Male, without your reservations for your accommodations.

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