Mexico is a great surf destination with tons of good waves, but should be considered to be two separate places, Baja and Mainland.

Baja California is a great place to go on a road trip in search of waves. Surf trips to Baja are real adventures and roughing it is the norm.


Baja is a 1085 mile peninsula jutting south into the Pacific Ocean beginning just below San Diego, California. Baja is full of uncrowded surf spots that are waiting for you to explore. Because it stretches all the way from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, there are two basic surf zones in Baja, Northern Baja and Southern Baja.

Northern Baja has been a frequent haunt of Californian surfers for years. If you grew up in SoCal you probably cut your teeth on the waves just south of the border. Baja Malibu and San Miguel being the most often surfed waves in Northern Baja. Rosarito Beach and Ensenada are the main areas for surfers traveling to the area to find some nightlife.

Todos Santos, a wave that breaks off an island of the same name, is a 5-mile boat ride from Ensenada and a popular location for big wave surfers.

Further south from Ensenada is a series of right point breaks that are worth checking out on your way towards Cabo. The drive down can take days, but its worth it. Scorpions Bay, a perfect right point break that is actually four points that can connect on the right swell is the stuff of legends.

All the way south, you’ll find that Cabo San Lucas is the place to go if you want to party and surf. Cabo has good waves nearby on the east cape. The east cape has a series of right point breaks that work well on a south swell, but are completely blocked to north and west swells, so make sure you are heading there in the summer time (May – September) or you’ll probably get skunked.

Mainland Mexico has a variety of surf breaks and some of the best waves in the world, along its 9,000 mile coastline. The first surf zone you’ll encounter on the mainland is just north of Mazatlan.

Heading south, Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta is the most popular surfing destination in the area. Sayulita is more of a beginners wave because it sits in a protected bay. Nearby is Punta Mita a much better surf spot.

Located about a 1/2 hours drive south from Manzanillo is Pasquales, a heavy beach break that gets epic barrels. Further south, towards Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa you’ll come across a series of left points including Rio Nexpa and Trocones. Continuing south, there are a couple breaks near Alcapulco, but its generally passed over by surfers heading to Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido is home to Playa Zicatela, a heavy beach break known as “The Mexican Pipeline”. It is a ridiculous barreling wave dominated by local bodyboarders. There are several breaks around Puerto Escondio including the left point on the south end of Playa Zicatela, known as “La Punta”.

South of Puerto Escondido is a series of perfect sand bottom right point breaks between Huatulco and Salina Cruz. Barra de La Cruz is the most famous of these point and the wave is an incredible barreling point wave, not to be missed.


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