Surfing is much more than a sport for the majority number of surfers, it’s a lifestyle, a physical and spiritual need. We find a certain parallelism with Yoga … Yoga is an ideal complement to be well balanced on a surf

“Yoga is part of our existence physical, emotional,mental an spiritual… Create a marriage between the awareness of body and that of mind…Action is movement with intelligence Yoga teaches us to infuse our movement with intelligence by transforming it into action” B.K.S Iyengar (Light on Yoga 1966 )

CBCM Surf offer Yoga & Meditation coaching suitable for surfing with “Bori”

“Bori” Borbála Sebestyén our certified teacher she’s a surfer, windsurfer and stand up paddler she has a very advanced vision on the parallelism between Yoga and Surfing

” Hello, my name is Bori
I am yoga instructor and also a passionate Surfer, Ocean and Nature Lover. I teach yoga for the beautiful experience of sharing. Sharing the miracle of Yoga that I experience every single day also on/in mysyelf. I teach also for helping my students to get to know themselves better, to live a more complete and balanced life both phisicall, mentally and emotionally.

I teach different styles and I also combine them on my classes: Hatha, Flow (Dinamic/Vinyasza), Yoga Therapy, Yoga for the Spine, Yoga for Surfers, Yin Yoga and… SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) yoga. This is one of my favorites as I love not just serious practice but water and fun as well ☺! All my classes are a bit different as I base them on your / group’s requests or on your individual / group’s needs.
Would you like to try yoga as a beginner? I love teaching beginners, also withour any yoga experience so I invite you to join my classes. Are you already an experienced Yogini or Yogi? I hope to see you on my classes to help you to improve your practice and get energized and relaxed. I believe that yoga is for EveryBody! I am really proud of my Mom started yoga with me in her sixties and keeps practicing regularly and happily.

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian.
Certification: RYT-200 Yoga Alliance (Budapest). Spine Yoga Teacher Training (Budapest). Spine Yoga Therapy course (Budapest)


Book now ! +34 659 203 656


Why Do Yoga And Meditation Outdoors ?

Taking your yoga class outside may be just what you need to reinvigorate yourself in order to break the confinement routine.

Outdoor classes add a different dimension to the practice and bring yoga closer to its original link with nature. Yoga means “union”, and when practiced outside, it seems that union with nature, humanity and the universe is really felt.

Being outdoors can intensify the yoga experience in several ways, by focusing awareness, helping breathing, practicing stillness, a breeze can improve your breathing, the scorching sun can deepen the poses, make the muscles more flexible and a ladybug can make you focus on something small and still.


Why Do Yoga And Meditation Online From Home?

The practice of Yoga and Meditation Online will allow you to connect with your inner being while staying comfortably at home. Thanks to this process, you will start a path of self-knowledge, being aware, it is at this moment that the transformation will begin.

+ Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia …
+ Yoga is a calming practice for the mind.
+ Yoga will help you in flexibility, balance, physical and mental
+ Yoga is a fountain of youth.
+ You will find your emotional center
+ Yoga is accessible to all who really want it

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