A Sport Life

From a very early age a passion for Physical activity roused in him and being just 12 he was already practicing Athletics, Karate, Basketball & Surf.

At 15 he spend one year in High Performance Center in Sant Cugat del Valles Barcelona
the one-year became a four-years ( Located in the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès, the High Performance Sports Centre (CAR) is a reference installation for top-level athletes from all over Europe.)

But after 4 years missing the Waves & Surfing of Canary islands he decided to go back to his home islands, Fuerteventura where his efforts focused on Karate and a while later he managed to become a member of national team in super heavyweight category during 8 years.

After this time competing Hector decided to leave competition and turn his life around setting up the first Karate school for children in Fuerteventura and later on he set the MAHOH CLUB in Lajares, a full training club ( Functional Training, Karate,.. )

The role of surf in his life has always been very important, as having practiced othersports in such professional way he needed an outlet and surf, as he says, is “ his perfect psychologist “ and an ideal complement.

Hector Cerdenna surf 2


At Present Hector combines “ Functional Training  & Surf ” to a group of youngsters between 12 and 17 years old ( Surf Technification School ) but also for Adult Guest, Businessman, Businesswomen, or Pro Surfer.

developing its own company “ MAHOH CLUB“ and always ready to go surfing, with you on CBCM SURF  in wonderful waves of  “FUERTEVENTURA CANARY ISLANDS“, or other surfing destinations.